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                                                                                       PRODUCTION  and  REMOTE SESSIONS

I was lucky to have access in many different occasions to some of the best recording studios.

For decades, if you wanted to record a song, for any project, you had to book a studio, hire a producer and sound engineer, book all the session players ( and match your schedules ! )


                                                                                                                 TIME IS MONEY  !


If you're working with a big major label budget you might still go the good old fashioned way but in any case a remote production / tracking session may be the most effective solution for you!


In a remote session, you hire a professional session player  and producer to record at their own studio and then send the completed track files to you.


The process in a nutshell:

  • You send me a reference track, chord charts and details of what tracks/parts you want me to record, or even just some sketched ideas.

  • We agree on the style and all other needed details.

  • I record the tracks ( could be just the guitar parts or a full production including beats, keys and bass ) 

  • I deliver the high resolution audio files to you.

  • We complete the process together in order to fit the tracks to your project in the best possible way.

  • I can then also deliver a full mastering service.

​                                                                                                                  EASY !

I can add professional quality acoustic, electric, nylon string guitar parts and also sitar / piano / synth / bass / beats to your project. I can also explain the best ways to import the files into your project ( processed or unprocessed ) and use them in your DAW with absolutely no quality loss.

                                                               If you're ready to book your session, submit a contact form here below : 


Thanks for submitting!

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