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Titus  playing is rooted in Jazz but with an eye on contemporary neo soul, R&B, fusion and blues.


Passionate about music Titus started playing classical guitar at around the age of 9 and it wasn't long before he discovered the electric guitar.


Throughout the years he always had great deal of satisfaction in developing both his fingerpicking playing on the acoustic guitar and delving into electric guitar styles, combining the study of Jazz, Blues and Rock.

Active on stage since 1994 joining local bands and attending small festivals first in Italy and Europe, Titus had trips to USA from 1996 to 2015 and onwards to attend courses and seminars at MI, and for recording studio/live collaborations.

During his years in North East of Italy, He had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of Blues and Jazz at CAMM and got involved in some interesting bands touring  too. 


In London Titus committed  himself to deepen the  study  of Jazz, Composition, Performance and Production at LCCM Uni ( University of Middlesex / Open University ) , achieving a BA (with Honours).


LCCM London and NYC gave him the chance to do workshops masterclasses and courses with a plethora of renowned mentors such as : Pianist Maestro Barry Harris, Peter Bernstein, Mike Stern, Guthrie Govan and more.

Aside from that in 2016 he successfully completed a Jazz Improvisation course at Berklee online, mastered by renowned pianist Gary Burton.

London now remains Titus  home and he's busy dedicating himself to several live/studio projects  :  Titus Maz Quartet , Music of The Soul Live Band, Unmuted Live sessions, Baby Powder, Measures Quartet, TECO and many other collabs with singers and artists such as Valntna, Mikyla, Natalie C, Hannah Mei, Wezi, Ace Motif, Siobhan , Ammuin Orchestra, Cong-Fusion band plus solo work. 



Titus Maz Live in NYC Electric Guitar
Here's a highlight of some of the live and studio performances, collaborations with other artists  :

Margot    1996 - 2000

Pura Vida   2000-2003

Talkin ' Acid   2012 - 2014  

Super Funk Project    2000 - 2004

Indeed  2000 -2006 

Sam T - 2015 

Central Line  2015-2016  

Mad Hiros - 2016 

Mind the cat   2015-2018

The Return of the King 2017  ( UK Tour )

Hannah Mei  - 2017 

Lazy Bonez trio - 2017 

Nelson & Friends - 2017 

The Truth Sessions - 2017 2019

Music of the Soul - House Band -  London 2018 - Ongoing

Valentina 2017 - Ongoing

Wezi - Lake of Stars Tour Festival UK - 2018 

TECO  2017 2018  

BABY POWDER 2017 - 2019 

Alice Pisano 2018 - Ongoing

Mikyla Cara - 2019 - Ongoing

Ace Motif - 2019 - Ongoing

Bandini 2019

Roberta Silva - 2020 International Radio exposure with single " Sol Conduz " 

Measures Quartet - 2019 - 2022

Single " REWIND " with special guest Indirajit Sharma Tubby AKA Tubby

AYANNA - 2020 - 2022 Gigs and Sofar Sounds performances

Camden Assembly Jam Session Hosting - 2022

NALOUA - Mots performances

MADMAN STATE - Cargo Rooms - 2022

NINA ROSE - 2023


PURIFY FESTIVAL - Prolific - 2023

TITUS MAZ Album Release  " Subject to Change " on Spotify Editorial Playlists ALL NEW JAZZ , FRESH FINDS

Merit Award for Gee Sahota's Lifeline Short Film as Soundtrack Composer ( L.A. Awareness Film Festival  2023 )

BASEMENT :: JAZZ Jam session hosting 2019 - Ongoing

TITUS MAZ & AMMUIN ORCHESTRA Collaboration on single " Fà Addò Và! ( tu ce pienze maje ) " IRMA Records


I collaborate with various UK and international studios and record labels but I also have my personal studio based around a PRO-TOOLS DAW + RME Audio Interfaces + Amps and Mics so I'm able to record acoustic / electric guitar in any style,  produce records and assist in the production from editing to mastering.


I am constantly working on albums and recording either remotely ( from my studio ) or physically in studios.

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